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Be alerted with property auto reminders

Save time, stay on track and see results faster. Sounds good right? That’s exactly what our latest feature is designed to do while more effectively managing your daily tasks.

With Stash Auto Reminders you can now customise and create your own property research and follow up from your desktop or mobile device.

Gone are the days of having to jump across to your email calendar or paper todo-list. You can now simply manage all your property tasks and research all in one Stash system.

Why are effective follow up reminders critical to your success?

Stay focussed on your property tasks, drive self-accountability and see results. With effective follow up, you’re setting yourself up for greater success.

Whether it is reminding yourself to collect or view specific property data or setting a future date to contact an owner, actioning follow up is crucial when it comes to real estate, but can also be nerve wrecking. That is why it is so important to set auto reminders to ensure you take action within the timeline you’ve set. Think of it as keeping yourself accountable.

Why Stash Auto Reminders equal easier viewing?

1.Once you follow the easy steps to set up your reminders, you’ll have a concise list of what needs to be done to stay on track with your property research

2. View by month or a specific day’s to do list

3. Set key reminder dates to plan your next steps

4. Create your own unique custom reminders and colour code your map markers

5. Set reminders or status updates in bulk

Full article with videos can be found in our knowledge base.

Should you require further assistance, please e-mail us at support@stashproperty.com.au or reach us through our live chat at https://stashproperty.com.au and we will be happy to assist you.

We always appreciate your feedback.

Happy Stashing!