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Stash Subscriber Insight – Meet Mick and Cathy

How Mick & Cathy use Stash, how it impacts their day to day and what they think about the features. Interview with Jason Dawkins. Key points highlighted.

Question: How long have you been using Stash and how have you found it?


We’ve been using Stash, for about 9 months.
We’ve use the platform to send letters out. I like the usability of Stash.
It makes it very simple, very easy to use including the functionality, – there’s a lot of good functions on there which separated it from the last – platform that we used to use.
There’s just more add-ons, you know, it’s more user-friendly.


If we didn’t have Stash we would have to be going and implementing so many different parts
You know, the old RP data way, council maps…
We’d have to go and source so many different areas.
What I really loved about the program is that it has brought all the different parts into one really simple place that we’re going to use.
It now has saved us so much time. Time is so precious, so.. that’s been a real bonus for us.

Question: Do you use the Stash Aerial Mapping Plugin and if so has it been worthwhile?

The Aerial Mapping is good because you actually get to see things like power lines, with the old mapping view you couldn’t see that.


You can now see easements, you need to see.
Aerial mapping makes it a lot easier to do everything in front of your computer screen.
Feasos {feasibility studies} are pretty generic in anything that you do but you know, what separates a good feasibility from a bad one is what you put into it.
The feaso {in Stash} works, quickly and printable.
We use any feaso we can to put any means together and when you hand it out to the developer, it has to be a congruent feasibility.
We have some big developers that we use in Sydney. They trust me to help them with their feaso and I use Stash.

Question: How has using Stash changed your day to day?

“Stash has been an important part of our life and enabled us to do things that we really want to be doing”


It’s been so effective…
We like being effective with our time and making sure that we’ve got outcomes with our time.
Having Stash has really cut down the time that we spend in our business to achieve the outcome that we’re looking for.
It’s been great because we now have our mornings to ourselves we get up quite gracefully in the morning, we’re not in the rush anymore because of the time freedom.
Stash is just really compacted that time for us as well.
Provides more flexibility now as well, because it’s really simplified everything
It has enabled us to do the things that we really really want to be doing and that’s, you know, spending time with building our business, spending time with our friends and family, spending time with each other, which has been a huge change for us because we were flat out busy, we didn’t spend time even on our relationship and that was, you know, going to be detrimental. So, it’s changed..


It’s {Stash has} time-compounded. So we’ve got more done..
You get more done with less.


This {Stash} has really helped us to save that time, or create the time that we spend on all the different parts of our life.


I can use it. Anyone can use it. I’m not very tech-savvy, whatsoever..

Question: What would you say to someone potentially considering Stash?

There is always someone to reach out to. We’ve never had anything to do with property before…but just knowing that we were supported and guided and mentored along the way spoke volumes to us.”


If there’s a new person that’s starting …
Maybe reconsidering, you know, utilising Stash to help them to achieve outcomes they are looking for.
There’s always someone to reach out to and that’s what I really loved.
We knew we had a framework here that we could really leverage to achieve the results that we’re looking for.
We’re brand-new to this… we didn’t even have anything to do with property before It was a whole new game for us.
Just knowing that we were supported and guided and mentored along the way that spoke volumes to us.
If we did get stuck or we misunderstood something, everything was just made so easy for us.
I look for everything in life that makes life simple.
I’m the simplicity queen, so, anything that’s going to make life simple I’m just going to be there, and that’s Stash. It’s just simple.

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