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More time with clients, partners, friends and family and less in front of your computer – sounds good right? You can start saving time now using our Integrated Mailhouse to get multiple potential property deals in motion at the same time with our recently updated Click and Print functionality.

Available to all Stash Subscribers, the ability to print letters and send with ease is now even more efficient with the Advanced Cart allowing letters to be printed and sent in bulk, while still personalising each.  


How does this help me with my property search?

With this new feature you can:

  • Contact multiple property owners at once by sending them a personalised, printed letter 
  • Manually update the property status to letter sent or whatever status you wish prior to hitting the ‘Pay and Send’ button
  • Get your work done from searching your potential property up to the point of reaching out to property owners via letters through our Mailhouse integration
  • User-friendly software that allows all users to have easy access

How to use the Stash Print and Send Integrated Mailhouse

You asked for “a better way to print and send letters”. From today, you can now add letters to your cart, assign the correct letter template and store for a single view of your prospect letters to be sent to the Stash Mail House. We will process one charge, send a copy of the digital letters to your assigned email with a copy of your invoice for safekeeping. Save time, keep all your letter records in an email folder alongside your invoices.

  • Simply select the properties you’re interested in 
  • Add as many letters as you want to your cart ready for printing
  • Easy access to a ‘Checkout’ button from your cart that will allow you to print and send letters
  • Print and send letters in bulk 
  • Update manually the property status prior sending the letters to our mailhouse to be sent to property owners
  • Get a pop up window with its breakdown for the invoice to be paid upon printing the letters

To print and send letters to our Integrated Mailhouse, simply follow these steps:

  1. Simply click on the envelope iconthen select your letter template, personalise as needed and click ‘Add to Cart’.
  1. Click ‘Approve’ to see the letters that you have on your cart and once ready, click the ‘CHECKOUT’ button to print and send to property owners.
  1. You can manually update the status of the property prior to clicking the ‘Pay and Send’ button in the dialogue box that pops up after you click the ‘Checkout’ button. 

To learn more, simply book a walkthrough here or check out our videos in our Stash Knowledge base.

Way to go! Isn’t this a better way to print and send letters? Haven’t done this yet inside Stash? No worries! We’ve made sure that this feature is automatically applied to your account after signing up to any of our Stash subscription plans.

There’s a whole lot more when it comes to the benefits of Click and Send and we’re always continuing to find ways to further improve the functionality. We really do listen and really appreciate your feedback.

Should you require further assistance, please email us at support@stashproperty.com.au or reach us through our live chat at https://stashproperty.com.au and we will be happy to assist you.

Happy Stashing!