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Where do you fall on the scale from new or experienced Property Investor? 

Whether you’re trialling, newly subscribed to Stash, or have dabbled in property for some time, we’re revisiting the basics! 

Check your knowledge of the below topics and if you are unsure about any of the core foundations, reach out to our service team. 

We’re here for you with our 7-day support, via email, chat, or phone, whatever best suits you, we have you covered. 

Do you know the basics of property investment? 

To get the most from the Stash Property Research Platform, establish your core understanding of the below key property concepts. 

The basics of property investment:

Ensure you check & understand:

  1. Different types of area zones
    • Knowing the area zones is one important factor to be considered in property development which gives an idea on what each zoning code means in the area and may also impact the future appeal of the property to be developed. There are also some zoning restrictions to be taken into consideration along the way. This is easily identified inside Stash through the our Zoning tick box with its legends for better understanding.
  1. Different types of developments that can be actioned within area zones
    • This provides you insight into what you can develop on a certain area depending on what zone that area belongs to. The development of a property varies by area and depends on the zoning regulation which is usually developed as a zoning ordinance. 
  1. The minimum lot sizes in the city you’re interested in
    • Along with area zones, minimum lot size also gives you an idea what type of developments can take place within a particular area. This is usually state dependent, as not all states specify minimum lot size (such as Victoria), however requirements are still set prior to development and are still subject for approval by the local council. This information is made available in Stash under planning info.
  1. The minimum lot size for the land you’re considering
    • Gives you an insight into what the land can be used for such as what size dwelling/s. This can be easily viewed in Stash and provides a link that will redirect you to the local council if you require further information.
  1. Typical types of property development
    • Understanding the minimum lots sizes and required area zone for a subdivision, duplex or multi-unit build for example, helps you to be able to use the aerial mapping functionalities within Stash. Once you understand this and identify properties that suit, you can then ensure you are utilising the land to its most profitability potential. 
  1. How to calculate what type of property investment would be the most profitable
    • This can be done with the help of running a feasibility study as well as other necessary information or further research conducted. Through Stash, we have a feasibility calculator that provides the calculation right away once you enter values. If however you are unsure what values to enter, you can reach out to your team for assistance.
  1. How to progress an opportunity once you’ve found a potential property
    • Once all necessary information is gathered and requirements were set and approved, you’re now ready to reach out to property owners for further negotiation, which you can do via our free Click and Send letter functionality.

Aerial Maps vs Satellite Maps

Have you used Aerial Maps as opposed to Satellite imagery to help find properties before they hit the market?

Check out the quick read blog ‘Using Aerial Maps: A guide to finding off-market property opportunities’.

Know the basics, but still can’t find something you’re looking for in Stash Property? 

We’re here to provide affordable property research tools that make your dreams possible.

If you can’t find something you’re looking for – just ask and let us know! 

Our tech team is always updating the Stash Property Platform, with the best new functionality sourced from ideas from our subscribers, so keep sending in your ideas and you may just see it go live in Stash 3.0!

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Happy Stashing