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Have you been wondering what it feels like to do your designs and add some personal touches on it? Like adding some labels and marking your maps to have easy access to those properties? Sounds simple and less hassle, right?

It’s definitely a YES with Stash v3! We know that you’ve been waiting for this and we understand how useful this feature is. That’s why we strived hard and pushed our limits to add this just for you – our valued customers!

The long wait is over folks! 

Say hi to our New Feature Release: Drawing + 2D and 3D which gives you the option to measure and layout your drawings and designs in no time plus be fascinated with our interactive map.

We have added some additional options to make your search more exciting!!!

Our Drawing feature:

  • Allows users to add labels – mark your map with labels, i.e. POI, Landmarks, etc.
    • Gives easy access to the maps and allows users to identify the landmarks on the map through its labels.
    • May also add a label when using the ‘Draw Lines’ feature to signify the measurement done

  • Allows to switch from 2D to 3D view
    • Draw your designs and view them in 3D to have a better look at how your project would be.
    • ‘Draw Lines’ and ‘Draw Area’ feature allows users to measure the area and distance of the property to the nearest schools, supermarkets, parks, etc. with the advanced feature to edit its attributes.
    • Save or delete some presets that can be used for future references and research
    • Save your design by adding some presets that will be useful for future projects and other prospect properties.

Your feedback means a lot to us that’s why we tried our best in including this on our platform to help you more with your projects and property search journey.

Along with the updates we’ve made, we’ve also considered our not so tech-savvy customers and made sure that they’ll be able to follow through with all our newly added features.

Fascinating, right?

Sign up today for our 7-day FREE trial at v3.stashproperty.com.au/app/ or reach out to us at support@stashproperty.com.au for more information and start searching for your next great deals.

Happy Stashing!