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One powerful feature that we’re proud of is our Print and Send feature which saves more time when doing the campaigns and less hassle in sending letters to vendors through our integrated mail house. We have made some improvements to this and gave it a new look in our upgraded version, the Stash v3 – which aims to locate, validate, and communicate to vendors to close any possible great deals.

A unique feature that will make any property development professionals’ life easier when doing their property search. Stash is definitely a one-stop-shop platform that would benefit all aspiring developers, investors, mums and dads and considering those not so tech-savvy ones. 

What customers should look forward to the new Print and Send feature?

  • New letter template editor

We made sure that you still have access to our default letter templates plus customising or creating your own letters depending on your preference on how you would like this to be presented to your vendors. New look and more options to choose from like the font styles, more visibility to the placeholders available that you may insert while designing your letters, access to your contact list prior to sending the campaigns, rename existing letter templates, upload letterheads and make them visible for easy access to be used in your letters, and so on. Make sure to toggle the ‘Preview Mode’ before printing and placing an order for your letters to make sure that you get a glimpse of them and double-check how it looks once printed out. Our customers may also download the letters as PDFs if they wish to save them directly to their desktop and review it further. 

  • Name your campaign

Naming your campaign for your contact list where you can send the letters by batch is definitely a great way to save time when having hectic schedules. Customise your campaigns by renaming them depending on your preference and strategy. This is the best way for you to track your campaigns depending on the names you have set and check their progress.

  • Import your own data

We made it possible for our customers to import their own data, be it a contact list from another CRM or a contact list such as CSV. This will allow you to import the latest list of your contacts and reach out to them via mail campaign.

  • My prints

After initial research, you might want to send letters to prospects. Group properties into a mail campaign.

Add properties that you wish to target by clicking the mail icon inside the property detail view or property list view.

Click Create Campaign to design letters, print and/or send via our mail house integration.

With these, you’ll be able to:

  • Track letters sent to property addresses/vendors
  • Option to view receipts of your campaigns
  • Check the campaigns you’ve placed a print job order
  • Check the status of your campaigns
  • Preview letters of your campaigns
  • Check how many letters you’ve sent and get back to them for follow-ups

Note: Incomplete items can be resolved in your CRM and then re-imported. Clicking Import from CRM or Import CSV will import the latest list of contacts. Incomplete contacts will not be included in your campaign.

Lovely, isn’t it?

Sign up for our 7-day FREE trial today at https://v3.stashproperty.com.au/app/ to take advantage of this feature. More awesome features await you in Stash v3. So, hurry and check out all of these and be part of our growing community.

Happy Stashing!