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12 Power Crescent, Port Augusta, SA 5700

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About the Property

Welcome to 12 Power Crescent, Port Augusta. This functional brick home presents an excellent opportunity for first-time homebuyers or investors who are looking for a property to add to their portfolio.

The home is set on an 838m² corner allotment, providing a spacious outdoor area with plenty of potential. The Equivalent Main Area of the house is 120m2, with a 5 main room floor plan that includes 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

Conveniently located close to services, food chains/restaurants, parks/playgrounds, and Seaview Christian College, this property offers comfort and functionality. At the rear of the property, you’ll find a garage/shed that is a great inclusion to the property.

The house would take well to some minor upgrades, making it an ideal opportunity for those who wish to put their personal touch on their new home or get it ready for tenants.

This is a great opportunity to purchase a property that offers excellent potential.

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About the Suburb

Port Augusta: A Thriving Gem on the Spencer Gulf

Location: Nestled on the picturesque Spencer Gulf, Port Augusta proudly holds the title of South Australia’s second-largest regional city. Boasting a population of 6,437, this vibrant suburb offers a captivating blend of coastal charm, outback adventures, and a thriving economy.

Housing Market: With a median house price of $220,000 and a remarkable 15.5% growth in recent years, Port Augusta presents an attractive proposition for both property owners and investors. Owner-occupiers make up 53% of the residents, indicating a strong sense of community and attachment to the area. The low vacancy rate of 0.9% and promising rental yield of 7.7% further paint a picture of a stable and rewarding property market.

Economic Hub: As a key shipping and transportation hub, Port Augusta plays a vital role in South Australia’s economy. Industries such as mining, renewable energy, and tourism contribute significantly to the city’s growth and offer diverse employment opportunities for residents.

Outdoor Escape: Beyond the bustling city center, Port Augusta unveils a treasure trove of natural wonders. From the breathtaking expanses of the Flinders Ranges to the pristine waters of the Spencer Gulf, the city offers endless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Hike through rugged landscapes, swim in crystal-clear waters, or sail past majestic cliffs – the possibilities for adventure are endless.

Port Augusta More than just a statistic-filled suburb, it’s a vibrant community brimming with potential. Whether you’re seeking a thriving economy, a family-friendly atmosphere, or breathtaking natural beauty, Port Augusta has something for everyone. Come discover the charm of this hidden gem on the Spencer Gulf, and experience the unique allure of South Australia’s coastal gem.

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