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20 Martin Street, South Townsville, QLD 4810

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This original property in the heart of South Townsville presents a golden opportunity for those with a vision for transformation. Boasting two bedrooms, this quaint residence exudes potential and offers a canvas for creative renovation endeavours.

The property encompasses a cozy two-bedroom layout, providing a solid foundation for customization to suit individual preferences while the versatile space downstairs opens up a realm of possibilities for entertainment or relaxation. A single garage complements the property, providing secure parking and potential storage solutions.

Situated on a generously sized block, this property offers ample space for gardening, landscaping, or potential future extensions, making it an enticing prospect for those seeking room to grow.

South Townsville’s prime location ensures easy access to local amenities, including shops, schools, and parks, while also being in close proximity to the city centre.
With a touch of creativity and a renovation vision, this property has the potential to be transformed into a charming, personalized sanctuary that captures the essence of South Townsville living.

Don’t miss this opportunity to breathe new life into this original gem and create a home tailored to your unique tastes and preferences. Embrace the potential and make this property your own.

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Source: stashproperty.com.au

About the Suburb

South Townsville, QLD 4810, is a vibrant suburb with a diverse population of around 2424 residents. The area has a mix of age groups, with a significant number of young adults aged 20-24 and middle-aged individuals aged 45-64. The median household income is $1,516 per week, and the top three occupations include Managers, Professionals, and Technicians/Tradeworkers. Commuting patterns indicate a high reliance on motor vehicles, with a notable portion working from home. The suburb offers various commuting options, including buses, walking, and cycling.

South Townsville presents a promising investment opportunity. The suburb has a healthy property market, with both houses and units showing good growth potential. The median house price is within an affordable range, making it attractive for first-time home buyers. Additionally, the high rental yields for units make it an appealing choice for property investors. The low vacancy rate and high market absorption rate suggest a high demand for rental properties, indicating a stable rental market.

South Townsville, QLD 4810, is a suburb that offers a desirable lifestyle for residents and lucrative investment opportunities for property buyers. With a mix of demographics, good educational facilities, and a range of commuting options, the suburb caters to diverse needs. Homeowners can enjoy a strong sense of community, while investors can benefit from the suburb’s growth potential and rental demand.

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– Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Census 2021
– Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) School Profiles 2022

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