About Stash Property

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to run independent property research. Our dedicated team is on a mission to deliver affordable research tool that works on a national level.

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Stash Property History

Stash was formed in 2018 by Kris Zima, a leading tech founder and a property investor, who first hand experienced a lack of readily available detailed property information. Kris built Stash from ground up to help him find deals fast.

Stash went on to bring industry experts, engineers, developers and educators to build the product it is now. Today Stash helps educators, professionals, mum and dad investors locate and save opportunities in one simple platform.

Meet the team

A team of industry experts

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Commercial Director

Lee Russell

Investor, former Director of Property Data Domain Group.

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Cloud Architect

Daniel Caldeweyher

Data expert, former Technical and Data Lead at PriceFinder.

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Customer Success Manager

Celine Acuna

Expert in customer relationships, delivering outstanding service.

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Moses Hamon

Tech Guru, Web application development.

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Software Architect

Kris Zima

Tech Founder & Investor, expert in proptech solutions.

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Even in its early days, Stash has provided great value to me and my network. I am using the platform every day and so are my students to find, contact and track property owners regarding off market opportunities.
Rob Flux
Property Development Network
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