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10 April 2020

Residential Zoning in Australia

What is the easiest way to locate the Residential Zoning on a property in Australia?

Stash has figured this out for you.

One of the simplest ways is to type in the property address and Stash will provide the Zoning information.

Alternatively, you can use our mapping research tool. Just scroll anywhere in the county and visually you can see the Zoning displayed as an in a birds-eye view.

To find out more about any property, just click on the live map, and it will take you straight to the property information.

Stash is making it simple for Property Investor to locate, research and save property information.

Try our zoning overlays and reverse search and sign up to Stash today.

Lee Russell

Lee Russell

Founder of Stash

Lee Russell is a former Director of Property Data Domain Group Lee has great understanding of how property software and data could help property investors find the best deals.