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Why choose Stash?

Why Stash Property is the only property investment app you will ever need. Stash gives you access to the latest property data & insights coupled with the latest AI powered technology to find investment properties faster.

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Finding high growth or high yield suburbs with Stash

Search over 15,000 suburbs to find high growth or high yield suburbs in less than 30 seconds…

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Searching for off market splitter blocks

Search for splitter blocks anywhere in the country and connect with send letters to home owners in seconds.

What's a splitter block?


Understanding risks & overlays

When not to buy a property? Make sure you check for flood, bushfire, heritage & biodiversity

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Finding on market properties by property zone in WA

Finding sub-dividable properties and development sites in Perth with our on market search by zoning.

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Understanding suburbs with heatmaps

Every suburb is different. Let’s compare suburbs to help you find the one that matches your investment strategy.

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Searching for on market bargains

How to find the cheapest properties on the market right now

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Understanding rental yield for any property

Let’s break down the difference in rental yields you can achieve for your investment property.

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Understanding suburb trends & statistics

Get the low down on every suburb in the country with suburb trends, statistics and market activity

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