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Why we need Feasibility study?

Before you start your project, you need to perform a detailed feasibility study to make sure whether a site or deal is actually profitable i.e. “Do the numbers stack up?”.
Your feasibility is only as good as your numbers, so you need to make sure to give precise and accurate figures. Many times one feasibility is not enough and it is best to run different scenarios to maximise the potential use and profitability of the site/deal. You will also need to list credible sources and real market samples which give you accurate figures to work with.

This process could be time-consuming and error-prone. Most likely, you will use Excel spreadsheet and copy and paste values from different sources.
While there is nothing wrong with this approach, there are better ways. Meet our feasibility calculator!

Stash feasibility calculator is the simplest way to find property deals fast. We designed our feasibility tool for Australian market, so you get accurate figures, pre-populated fields and credible sales information, all in one place.

Feasibility Calculator features:

  • Instantly run and save unlimited strategies against a potential development site
  • Set your finance, net realisation, selling costs and development figures as reusable templates
  • Quickly sort through development opportunities with advanced filters
  • Locate the best opportunities fast with real time calculations
  • Run numbers based on our default subdivision and townhouses models, or create your own

Watch this video to see how to run feasibility scenarios in just few clicks:


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