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The follow on from the first edition of our Town Planner interview series. 

Here we explore the different development types with Queensland Town Planner Jessica Reynolds.

Did you catch Part 1? If not, check it out first to learn about different area zones.   

Understanding different types of development 

Jessica Reynolds – Town Planner, Podcaster and Director of Urban Planners Queensland

In Queensland, there are three categories of development; accepted, accessible and prohibited.

  1. Accepted Development 
  • Generally applies to development applications (DA) that comply with the local councils building regulations and should therefore be a fairly straightforward application and will not require the assistance of a Town Planner.
  • For example, a new office fit-out, which may just require building approval if applicable. 
  1. Accessible Development 
  • An application that requires further assessment 
  • Is the most common type of development assistance a Town Planner will provide.
  • Two types of Accessible Developments; Code Assessable Development and Impact Assessable Development. 

Code Assessable Development

  • Typically applies to developments that meet certain codes, however still require further assessment. 
  • For example one into two lot – subdivision that has a compliant site area, compliant site frontage and low if any environmental impacts. 
  • Development is envisaged for that site and will likely be approved after the codes are assessed for compliance. 

Impact Assessable Development 

  • Applications trigged as an impact assessable development by the local council, generally means your development is deemed as risky and less compliant to the type of development that was envisaged for that site. 
  • A public notification process will need to take place to provide an opportunity for neighbours and those in that area to understand the development and pose questions. 
  • Town Planners are most commonly used for this type of development.
  1. Prohibited Development
  • Involves seeking approval for a type of development that does not comply with the typical regulations of the area zone. 
  • For example, seeking approval for a large commercial development within a low or medium density residential zone. 
  • These types are of development applications are uncommon, however, a topic in which you could seek advice from a Town Planner. 

Still, have questions surrounding development types or other Town Planning queries? 

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Need a town planner’s advice?

For any town planner’s advice in QLD, please contact Jessica from Urban Planners QLD at (07) 3106 3221. You may also send your inquiries to plan@upqld.com.au.

For more information, please visit their website at www.urbanplannersqld.com.au.

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