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Heritage Register Map Layers

Heritage Register Map Layers, a powerful new tool for property developers, architects, and planners. These map layers provide detailed information on heritage sites, allowing users to make informed decisions about property development while preserving local cultural and natural heritage.

The map layers include information on protected buildings and landmarks. By using these map layers, developers can ensure that their projects are in compliance with heritage register’s around the country (where available), while also making a positive impact on the community.

Heritage Overlays. Powered by Stash Property. Click to enlarge image

Biodiversity Map Layers

Biodiversity datasets are another important resource for developers to consult before making a purchase in Australia. These datasets provide information on the presence of various species and habitats in the area, as well as any conservation efforts that may be in place.

Developers should be aware of any protected species or habitats present on the property, as well as any regulations that may be in place to protect them.

Biodiversity Overlays. Powered by Stash Property. Click to enlarge image

Live link to portals to view more data

Introducing our Property Links feature, a new tool that helps property developers and investors easily access additional data and photos about potential property developments. This feature links users in real-time to relevant information from property listings, and real estate data providers.
This allows users to easily access a wide range of data and information about the property history, and development potential. The Property Links feature makes the property development process more efficient by providing users with all the information they need in one place.

Link to any portal to view more data. Powered by Google. 

Advanced Comparable Sales searching

We are excited to announce the launch of our improved Comparable Sales feature, a powerful new tool that helps property developers, investors, and homebuyers easily find recent sales data for properties in their area of interest.

This feature allows users to search for comparable sales by suburb or radius, and filter results by price, area, number of bedrooms, and property type.

The Comparable Sales feature helps users make informed decisions about property development and investment by providing them with accurate and up-to-date sales data.

Refine your comparable sales by more filters. Click to enlarge image

Proximity Circles around a property

Just launched.
We are excited to unveil our Proximity Circles feature, a new tool that helps property developers, investors and homebuyers easily understand the distance of points of interest or amenities from a potential property development.
This feature allows users to see the distance of amenities such as schools, hospitals, supermarkets, transportation and more from a specific location.

See how far points of interest are away from a property. Click to enlarge image

More fields available for My Properties export

Requested by Ethan. Stash Member since 2022

The Stash ‘My Properties’ export feature now allows users to export all the data stored against a saved property. This includes the property’s address, contact information such as name, phone number and email, and any tags or statuses.

This makes it easier for users to keep track of their saved properties and the data associated with them, and also allows them to share this information with others. This feature is particularly useful for property developers, investors, and real estate agents as they can now easily export all the data they need to keep track of their properties and clients in one place.

Export all your data for better analysis. Click to enlarge image

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