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We analyse every property on market to find the one. 

Find your next investment property in seconds with Stash.

In property development, market trends are somewhat a roller coaster ride due to the fluctuation of the market value of each property as time goes by. This also requires flexibility on every property development professional’s end on how they approach these changes.

On-Market feature allows you to search for properties using keywords of your preferred strategy that are currently for sale in the proximity of a suburb which is perfect for renovators and small developments. It is everywhere and it’s up to us which one we pick and focus more of our time. This simply means that we have to check all possible resources linked to this property to convert this into a one great deal.

With the enriched data we’re providing to our users, rest assured that this comes from reliable and dependable sources that are up to date with what is released in the market. It also allows users to filter the type of property, number of beds, baths, and carports.

Selecting/choosing the best keywords that fits your strategy will give you an edge in any projects you are working on. But you must also remember that every development has some risks and it depends on how you solve them and apply some alternatives converting them into a positive approach for you to achieve your goal.

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What’s on the market right now?
Property Feature Listings
Vendor Discount 14,996
Renovate 22,398
Blue Chip 57,785
Positive Cashflow 10,278
Strata 776
Off The Plan 8,000
Development Opportunity 40,570
Vendor Finance 346
Forced Sale 141
Total 155,290

Updated 6th April 2023

Save time searching for investment properties on market

How does it work?

Every day we crunch thousands of properties on the market to identify which properties are likely renovators or properties with development potential. We also identify which properties might have motivated vendors and might need a quick sale.

Here’s how to get started.
  • Log in to your Stash account.
  • Click ‘Search On Market’ under Find Sites.
  • You may search by any individual Suburb or zoom out and search larger areas by Map.
  • Now select your Investment Strategy e.g. Renovator, Forced Sales etc.
  • Refine your search and done.

Stash analyses every property on the market daily.

What’s your investment strategy?

Positive Cashflow (e.g. high yield, double income, home and income)

Positive cashflow property is a type of investment property where the yearly profit exceeds the yearly expenses (after depreciation and tax deductions).

Off the Plan (e.g. house and land package, nearing completion)

Is a property before a structure has been constructed upon it. Pre-constructions are usually marketed to real estate developers and to early adopters as developments so that the purchaser can secure more favourable finance terms from their lenders

Strata (e.g. block of units, triplex, strata opportunity)

A model of property ownership that allows for individual ownership of certain parts of a property or parcel of land and shared ownership of others. They also provide a comprehensive framework for the management of a development from its planning through to its eventual termination.

Development Opportunity (e.g. DA approved, STCA)

Development Opportunity means a prospect which (i) (A) is not inextricably tied to, (B) is not a part of, or (C) does not impact the physical structure, profitability or operations of, a Project, and (ii) may result in construction or other development of a power project or other investment.

Renovate (e.g. renovators delight, work needed)

A strategy which can boost your property’s value and generate equity at little to no cost.

Capital Growth (e.g. waterfront, views)

Capital growth, or capital appreciation, is an increase in the value of an asset or investment over time. Capital growth is measured by the difference between the current value, or market value, of an asset or investment and its purchase price, or the value of the asset or investment at the time it was acquired. Capital growth investments vary depending on the level of risk tolerance for each investor involved.

Subdivision Potential (e.g. splitter, on 2 lots)

A strategy where a piece of land is divided into pieces that are easier to sell or otherwise develop, usually via a plat. It may be simple, involving only a single seller and buyer, or complex, involving large tracts of land divided into many smaller parcels.

Vendor Finance (e.g. finance available)

A strategy that most commonly occurs when a vendor sees a higher value in a customer’s business than a traditional lending institution does.

Vendor Discount (e.g. liquidation, urgent sale, all offers considered)

The difference between the original asking price of a property listed for sale and its eventual sale price.

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