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How finding a DA (Development Application) helps with property research?

By February 15, 2021December 30th, 2022No Comments

What is a DA and why are they important?

Whether you already know what a DA is or if you have no idea what we’re talking about, either way, your life is made so much easier with our super fast Development Application access via Stash.

Put simply, a Development Application (DA) is a request for formal permission to develop a property. The type of development including design, location and other structural details must be outlined and submitted for local council approval. Once approved, a Development Approval is a legal document that guides all future advancements.

What can I learn from viewing Development Applications?

It is vital you’re aware of any pre-existing DA’s for a property you are considering, along with understanding what development approvals or declines have occurred in surrounding areas.

Through this process of easily viewing previous DA’s within Stash, you’ll learn if there is a history of developments that have typically been approved. For example, previous development approvals for town houses or land subdivisions shows this type of development may be approved again for the nearby property you’re exploring.

You’ll also learn what types of developments have not been approved – for example, high rise apartments or high rise office buildings.

Finding DA’s was traditionally a timely process of scrolling through individual local council websites to hunt down relevant information for your property in question. Stash technology takes the time out of this process.

How to check Development Applications inside Stash

  1. Simply click on your target property or any property inside Stash.
  2. Once a property is selected, you will see details appear on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click on the Development Applications to view all known applications in the area within a 2 km radius.
  4. Once you click any of the Development Applications displayed on the left of the screen, it will link you directly to the local council where the information was sourced.

Full article with videos can be found in our knowledge base.

Submitting Development Applications

We are not only here to help you quickly and easily find previous DA but we can also help guide you when it comes to submitting your own DA.

Submitted Development Applications can be a time consuming process, however if you view previous surrounding applications to gauge what is likely to be approved, and follow a methodical process, you will be capable of successfully compiling what is required and fast.

It is also important to note, if a development application is declined it is likely to have failed to comply with one or more of the relevant controls local councils set for certain areas. However the more you review previous applications, the more likely you’ll be aware of these controls, giving your own Development Applications the best chance for success.

Should you require further assistance, please e-mail us at support@stashproperty.com.au or reach us through our live chat at https://stashproperty.com.au and we will be happy to assist you.

We always appreciate your feedback.

Happy Stashing!

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