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Beat the crowds and find the best property deals before they hit the market! 

You’ve most likely heard success stories of finding properties even before they are for sale – but how can you do this yourself and fast?

10 steps to finding profitable properties before they are listed for sale

  1. Use aerials maps
    • Use our aerial maps functionality (a plugin to your Stash Plus plan) that enables you to view the latest imagery of multiple properties at one time (opposed to outdated satellite imagery), from your desktop or mobile device, wherever and whenever best suits you.
  1. Select a location you’re interested in exploring
    • In choosing your desired suburb, you need to consider the nearby infrustructures and future developments in the area. It would be good to check if there are new start-up businesses in the neighborhood as they often choose low rental fees, but then, this attracts more start-up businesses, and will eventually grow the neighborhood. These are some good indicators that your property will most likely increase the value in the near future.
  1. Browse a certain zoning type and property size
    • Choose your desired zoning type and target property size to make it easier for your research. With Stash, you can filter your search and view the property results based on the criteria you’ve set. 
  1. Click on a property of your interest
    • Once you’ve selected your chosen suburb, search through the map and look for a property with a great location, or anything that matches with your criteria.
  1. Understand zoning and minimum lot sizes 
    • This is one of the most important things to consider when finding off-market properties. You need to understand the zoning and minimum lot size required to know what you can do to the property. You can either do a splitter block, townhouse, house, or even a business centre. It depends on your strategy.  Good news is, with Stash, you can check these out in our Planning Information section. Read our Back to Basics blog if unsure!

Back to basics: 7 core knowledge areas every Property Investor should know

  1. View previous Development Applications 
    • It is worth checking the nearby development applications to further understand what type of development may be possible in your target location.
  1. Check recently sold properties in the area
    • By viewing the recent comparable sales, you will then be able to know the value of different types of properties in the area.
  1. Run a feasibility study 
    • Using our Stash feasibility calculator, you can assess if your selected property is a good deal or not, whether you will gain a profit or losses. With that in mind, you can easily plan your strategy on your selected property. 
  1. Use Ownership Data
    • Use our Ownership Data functionality (a plugin to your Stash Plus plan) to view current owner details. Make contact to explore if the owner is interested in selling. 
  1. Make contact with the current owner
    • You can contact the property owner easily using your free Click & Send letter mail house system within Stash by personalising templated letters. 

If you’re not yet ready to progress further with the property, use Aerial Maps to track developments in the area such as building infrastructure or housing that may impact your future development. Or you can also save the property, add a reminder to review or connect with the owner at another time with Stash auto-reminders.

Interested in learning more about aerial maps or ownership data? Check out the plugin options here or contact us at learn@stashproperty.com.au.

Happy Stashing!