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Stash + PropCode 

We are excited to announce the launch of PropCode inside Stash! 

At Stash, we want to ensure you have access to the latest data available and that’s why we have recently teamed up with PropCode to provide you access to understand CDC potential for any residential property in NSW.

PropCode checks hundreds of rules and dozens of maps so you don’t have to. Backed by planning consultancy experience, their proprietary engine gives you instant answers for residential CDC potential with depth and transparency.

  • Know your CDC outcomes – Find out which residential building types can be done with CDC on a property and how much floor space is allowed.
  • Fully detailed report – See a transparent audit trail of all rules evaluated, plus get the relevant design rules for each building type, all in one customised document.
  • Save time and money – No more waiting for slow answers from advisors or paying professional fees at an early stage. Our answers are delivered in under a minute.

About PropCode

PropCode launched in 2023 and is an Australian-owned company. With their detailed regulatory understanding and deep technical skills, they’re creating new technology to transform the property industry. Their mission is to simplify the work of understanding and using urban planning regulations while upholding a strong emphasis on accuracy.

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Stash + PropCode. CDC in seconds

CDC reports are great for the early stages of your project, when you are still deciding what to do, and before your detailed design or documentation work

DA vs CDC?

In NSW, most property developments such as new buildings and renovations require development consent from a consent authority. This consent can be given through a DA or a CDC.

Development Application (DA)

DAs give Council a chance to fully consider whether they want to allow the proposal. The DA can be rejected if the Council does not support the proposal. This process often takes months even for small buildings like a single house.

Avg DA processing time = 75 days
For residential projects assessed by council officers

Complying Development Certificate (CDC)

For some specific development types on qualifying land, there is an alternate approval pathway called complying development. On this pathway, development will be automatically approved as a CDC if it meets certain pre-defined standards.
Avg CDC processing time = 22 days
For residential projects assessed by council officers

Limited time only. Access PropCode’s premium CDC summary on any property for free exclusively via Stash. You can then purchase PropCode’s report with all the detailed CDC rules for $30 + GST per property (50% off RRP).

PropCode is a great addition to the Stash partner network. Innovative technology to help our users save time when selecting development sites.

Find your needle in the haystack today. Sign up for our free trial and start finding great deals fast!

Happy Stashing!


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