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Exclusive access to the tools & resources to see where other investors are buying and get you into property investment sooner.
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Register & attend our free webinar to receive this month’s free Investor Report. See the latest renovators & high yield properties with before & after photos.

Where have investors been buying & selling renovators & high yield properties last month? See 100’s of investor case studies with before & after property photos. See where investors are buying for renovation or positive cashflow, what changes they are making to maximise their returns.

See 100's of renovator & positive cashflow examples bought & sold by investors last month.

Exclusive to Stash Concierge

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Unlock the full power of Stash. Use the tools and insights used by buyer's agents and do it yourself.

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Exclusive to Stash Concierge

Renovation Report

See the latest renovation property sales made by investors all over Australia delivered each month to your month. See where other investors are investing and see real results in real time.

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High Yield Report

Check out the latest high yield properties purchased recently and advertised for rent. See where other yield investors are capitalising on the strong rental market.

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Top 100 Investment Suburbs Report

Half the problem to property investing is knowing where to invest. See the stats behind some of the top investment suburbs to get things started.

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View investment precedents in real time

Coming Soon. Stash analyses every sale as it happens each day to highlight renovators and high yield transactions. Search Australia wide for real time investment precedents.

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Buy & sell off market properties & connect with money & joint venture partners. It’s a game-changer for property investment.

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Live access to create your own Top 100 reports

Coming Soon. Stash Concierge members will also have access to create your own Top 100 reports, based on any stat that suits your investment strategy. There is no one size fits all.

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Access to the Stash Academy

Coming Soon. Join us our private Stash Academy Facebook group and get access to the latest tip and tricks and engage with like minded individuals to learn more. Stick around for monthly Q&A sessions where we unpack the latest features and industry news.

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Plus you get full access to all of this

Here are 15 things you need to

know about Stash

Stash is not a buyer's agency. We believe with access to the right data and knowledge, we can help you can find your own investment properties.

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1. Find Investment Suburbs

Find the best suburbs for property investment

The first step to a successful property investment is to find the best suburbs for your investment. This involves analysing the investment potential of every suburb. It’s a tedious task but with the right tools like heatmaps, it becomes easier and more efficient.

Learn more about finding suburbs
2. Heatmaps

Target your search with your investment strategy

With Heatmaps, you can visually search for suburbs that match your investment strategy. We’ve calculated millions of datapoints to make finding suburbs where the numbers stack up easier than ever before.

Learn more
3. Find properties for sale

AI powered On Market Search

With the power of AI, you can now find every renovator on the market right now. This is a new era in property investment where technology aids you in your search. You can also search off market by frontage and splitters using the splitter block search feature.

Learn more about on market searching
4. Suburb Profiles

The latest property statistics

It is essential to get all the facts before you invest. This includes understanding the suburb profiles. Knowing the characteristics of the suburb where your potential property is located can greatly affect your investment decision.

Read more about Suburb Profiles
5. Rental Statistics

Short Term, Share House or Long Term Rental Yield?

Stash can help you analyse every yield strategy for every property in the country, from likely income and occupancy of short term rentals, the demand for rooming & share housing and stats on long term vacancy rates and yields.

Which is right for you?
6. Planning Insights

Unlimited access to property data & planning insights

Knowledge is power, especially in property investment. Having unlimited access to property data and the latest planning data can significantly improve your investment decisions.

Learn more
7. Market Activity

What has sold nearby?

When investing in property, it’s also important to see what has sold nearby. This information, updated daily, can give you a clear picture of the market trends and the potential value of your investment.

Read more about Market Activity
8. Find Development Sites

Search Off Market just like a Buyer's Agent

Search over 12 million properties Australia wide to find development ready properties off market. Search by area, zoning, splitter blocks, frontage, corner blocks, dual access to find the one.

What's a splitter block?
9. Australia wide zoning data

Know the rules for every property

Cut through the red tape. Understand what you can and can’t do with any property before you buy it. Nationwide zoning data updated frequently. Be the first to know when zoning changes.

Learn more
10. Property Risks

Know when not to buy the property

Understanding property risks is a crucial part of property investment. Before you invest, it’s important to check for heritage, bushfire and flood risks. It’s better to know the risks before you buy than to find out later when it’s too late.

Learn more about Property Risks
11. Development Pipeline

Understand Future Supply

Another factor to consider in property investment is the future supply nearby. Understanding the development pipeline in the area can give you insights on the future value of your property. It’s always best to be prepared and well-informed about the potential changes in the area.

Learn more about Developments Projects
12. Built-in CRM

Built-in CRM for investors

Another essential tool for property investors is a built-in CRM. With it, you can save and track your property shortlist. This feature is a game changer as it helps you organise and manage your potential investments more efficiently.

Learn more
13. Connect with homeowners

One click mail house

Once you’ve done your research and identified potential investments, it’s time to reach out. With a one-click mail house, you can send letters to potential sellers instantly. This is a convenient and efficient way to connect with potential sellers and express your interest.

Learn more
14. Integrations

See owner's names and more

At Stash, we want to ensure you have access to the latest property data available and that’s why we have recently teamed up with National Property Data (NPD) & Pricefinder to provide you access to current owners details, most recent sale and unimproved land value (where available) live inside Stash. *Additional costs may apply.

Learn more about Integrations
15. Aerial Imagery

The latest aerial imagery

See the property developments as they come out of the ground. Don’t waste time visiting potential development sites only to find they are mid development. View development precedents in real-time. *Additional costs may apply.

Learn more about aerial imagery
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